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Tusker announce collaboration with Diode!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Tusker, the Car Benefit People, have announced a new collaboration with Diode to deliver electrification strategies for organisations across the UK.

London, UK, February 2020

Tusker, the UK’s leading Car Benefit Provider, has announced further efforts to champion electric cars, entering a strategic collaboration with the electric vehicle infrastructure and procurement company, Diode.

Providing support to organisations across the UK, the alliance will help customers understand the requirements to develop and deliver their electrification strategy including the appropriate charging infrastructure and associated services.

Steve Barker, Commercial Director at Tusker, comments, “April 2020 sees a change in government strategy with significant savings available to employees when they take an electric car via salary sacrifice. As a result, Tusker, market leader in salary sacrifice schemes, has already seen huge increases in demand for electric vehicles over the past year.

Tusker has begun this fantastic relationship with Diode in order to support our customer organisations and their employees in the take up of electric vehicles. Many organisations can see the huge benefits electric vehicles can provide, from reducing their carbon output to saving money, but don’t know how to make this a reality. Diode are the obvious choice for Tusker to work with as they share our vision in providing the best service to our customers.”

Jon Horsfield, Founder and CEO of Diode, said, “We’re really excited to be working with Tusker - a forward thinking, innovative and customer-centric business. This industry-first collaboration demonstrates their commitment to helping businesses embrace electric vehicles.

“Tusker are a market leader with a huge customer base and an exceptional reputation, so this collaboration is a fantastic development for our growing business. We are very much looking forward to complementing Tusker’s existing offer by giving them a new competitive advantage.”


About Tusker

Tusker are a multi-award winning, carbon-neutral car benefit company whose impressive client base includes private sector companies, multiple NHS Trusts and Local Authorities. Their mission is to make it easy for employees of organisations across the UK to drive a better car – a brand new vehicle, which comes complete with insurance, breakdown cover, replacement tyres, servicing and maintenance, and road tax for a fixed monthly amount.

About Diode

Diode simplifies vehicle electrification procurement by building electric vehicle implementation plans, matching them to the right infrastructure and securing the best deal.

In a nutshell, we help businesses to build an electrification roadmap, then work with a pool of leading suppliers to deliver this. This presents businesses with choices they didn’t know existed and ultimately connects the dots between the best technologies, services and products for electrification which meets individual requirements.

For more information about Diode, please contact Dan Eyre, CMO at dan@diode.energy or +44(0)2034882638

For more information about Tusker, please contact Katie Brown, Communications Manager at katie.brown@tuskerdirect.com or +44(0)7971476493


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