• Jon Horsfield

Diode News: Technical Consultant Tristan Dodson has joined the team as our new CTO.

Building on a strong, yet slightly unplanned year for Diode (and the world!), we are delighted to welcome Tristan to the team.

Tristan has a wealth of expertise in the electric vehicle sector, which includes 5 years working for Element Energy, a specialist technical consultancy which works exclusively in low carbon sectors.

Tristan also founded and developed Breadcrumb, an online electric vehicle suitability tool, to help inform consumers and counter the myths surrounding electric vehicle ownership. This uses smartphone data to show consumers exactly how any electric vehicle model would fit into their lifestyle.

His skills, background and technical knowledge will be a fantastic addition to our growing team and, we are looking forward to adding the Breadcrumb tool to our customer offering.

Find out more about Tristan on his Linkedin profile.


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