Our story.

Simply put, we want to see a world full of businesses running electric vehicle fleets and believe they need a little help to get there.


Our mission is to accelerate the electrification of fleets in order to reduce carbon emissions from businesses across the UK and beyond.

After observing the meteoric rise in popularity, choice and technological advances for many years, our founder, made the leap into the world of electric vehicles (EV).

It became very clear that fleet electrification was not as straightforward as regular fossil-fuel-powered cars. In fact, it’s really complicated because a business needs to consider some, if not all, of the following: charging at home, work and on the go, solar panels, energy packages, battery storage, telematics, maintenance and fleet software. And to make things extra complicated, not all of these products and services are under one roof.


Introducing Diode - the UK’s first company to simplify fleet electrification for businesses by helping to create a personalised electrification strategy and providing the tools, relationships and expertise to implement this.


In a nutshell, we work with a pool of leading suppliers in each vertical to create bespoke hardware, software and installation packages. This presents businesses with choices they didn’t know existed and ultimately connects the dots between the best technologies, services and products to electrify a fleet which meets individual requirements.

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